Register and submit for any TCO eligible challenge. Win prizes and TCO points to get you up on the leaderboards.

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Each competition for a certain time frame would enable you more opportunities to earn TCO points. At the end of the TCO stage, your total points could be high enough to earn you a trip to the onsite TCO finals in the USA or additional prize money.

The TCO takes place online with points accumulation for all competition tracks and online elimination-style rounds for the Algorithm track. After all the competitions online are completed, the top performers from each track win prizes and trips to the USA TCO Finals to compete, network, and meet other members and admin.


TCO now has smaller regional events around the world. The goal of these regional events is to bring the TCO to more Topcoder members.

TCO now has smaller regional events around the world. The goal of these regional events is to bring the TCO to more Topcoder members.

Regional TCO events are one or two day events including some form of competition with prizes (for example, a hackathon), food and drink, networking opportunities, and fun.


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TCO Onsite Finals in the USA

The TCO Onsite Finals in the USA brings great honor and excitement to those who qualify to attend. TCO Finalists enjoy being treated like VIPs and deserve all the recognition they get.

As a TCO Finalist, you get an all-expense paid trip to the USA event, the opportunity to compete live, and become a Topcoder champion. Each year the TCO Finals are held in the USA.


The Topcoder Open encompasses most of the competition tracks offered at Topcoder.

For the 2020 Topcoder Open, points are currently available for all competition tracks. You just need to check the challenge listings page and make sure it shows the TCO20 eligibility icon.

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If you want to compete in the TCO, all you need to do is compete on a TCO eligible contest and you’ll be automatically registered for the tournament.

For the Algorithm Competition, check the TCO20 schedule.

Please note that you must be a Topcoder member as well as meet all of the eligibility requirements posted in the TCO Rules.

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As a Topcoder Open competitor, you’re eligible for cash prizes and non cash prizes such as trips to the Onsite Finals and t-shirts!

Cash Prizes Distribution
Cash prizes are paid out within 60 days after the Onsite Finals event. All cash prize winners will still need to follow the usual Topcoder payment policies and procedures.

Non-Cash Prizes Distribution
Participatory prizes and non-cash prizes (such as t-shirts) will be mailed within one month following the conclusion of the Onsite Finals. Please allow 6-12 weeks for delivery.


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