TCO20 Eastern Asia Regional Event

For the first time ever, TCO Regional Events will encompass and have attendees from all the countries located in the Eastern Asia region of the world.

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For the first time ever, our TCO Regional Events will encompass and have attendees from all the countries located in the Eastern Asia region of the world.

Our world has definitely been turned upside down the last few weeks and months with the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping our globe. In keeping your health and safety as the most important thing in mind, we have decided that the Eastern Asia Regionals will be held virtually this year and you will have an opportunity to compete and interact with attendees virtually.

We cherish these events as a way to get to know so many of you and build stronger relationships with the folks we work with at Topcoder every day and so we are excited to plan an engaging and interactive experience to all of you.

The event is scheduled to take place virtually on Sept 26, 2020. Invitations to the finalists with all the details will be rolled out a week before the event.

Event Recap

Since 2015, we have been hosting regionals in various locations around the world where our member base is strong. In 2020, we decided to divide the world in geo-regions, we knew the Eastern Asia region would turn out to be the strongest of all. All the great Chinese, Japanese and Korean programmers coming head to head in the ultimate regional competition was a sight to watch.

While there were fierce competitions, we also had a session from our veteran member and TCO Champion ACRush. It was about his Topcoder journey and what interesting work opportunities are available at

Thanks to ACRush and for sponsoring the event, also thanks to our partner NowCoder for being a partner for 5th consecutive time.

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Congratulations to our TCO20 Eastern Asia regional event champions!



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Countries in this Region

The following countries/regions are part of this region:

Mainland China Hong Kong
Macau Japan
Mongolia Taiwan
South Korea

Event Details

The event will include:


  • Regionals Algorithm Competition - Bracket Style - Single Elimination

  • Regionals Development Tournament

  • QA - Software Testing Challenge

Networking Opportunities and Breakout Games
The event will also include fun competitions to award you Topcoder Swag. It will also allow you to mingle with other Topcoder members in your region and meet some cool sponsors!


  • Developer and Sponsor Sessions

  • Post Match Analysis

Live Broadcast

  • Algorithm Bracket Tournament

  • Development Tournament

The day of the event will be on Sept 26th and prior to that, we will open up the virtual platform to get you set up and acquainted.

See the tentative schedule below.


All the times mentioned are in UTC+8:00

Date and Time SCHEDULE
Sep 26, 11:30 PM – 12:00 PMOfficial Welcome and Instructions
Sep 26, 12:00 PM – 12:30 PMSponsor Session
Sep 26, 12:30 PM – 02:30 PMQA Bug Hunt Competition
Sep 26, 01:00 PM - 02:30 PMAlgorithm Qualifying Round
Sep 20, 02:30 PM – 03:30 PMBreak-Time Games
Sep 26, 03:30 PM – 06:30 PMDevelopment Competition
Sep 26, 03:30 PM – 06:30 PMAlgorithm Bracket Tournament
Sep 26, 06:30 PM – 07:00 PMAwards Ceremony

** Schedule is subject to change. A final schedule will be made available the week prior to the event.


When will I receive my event kit?

Once you fill your acceptance form with all the details, we will start working on shipping you your event kit.

My internet connection is very slow so how will I be a part of the games and events?

We think your internet connection should just be suitable to allow you to participate in Topcoder Contests. You can always watch the live sessions later as they will be recorded. In terms of networking opportunities, we will have some games hosted on the Slack Channel too so it will become easier for you to participate in those.

Can I experience the platform you are using to host all the events before the event?

Yes for sure, we will be running a demo event 2 days before the actual event to allow you to join in and experience the features of the platform.

How to Qualify

These exclusive events are invite-only meaning you have to win a ticket to attend. Members had to compete in Topcoder Challenges launched during TCO20 Stage 2 (January 2020 to March 2020) to earn TCO20 Points. Members are now invited to the event according to their placement on the regional leaderboard.

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